I am Eva

Welcome and thank you for visiting my website.

This place is all about Creation. It is my invitation to you, to engage with your life in ways that all the time opens up for new possibilities. Do you know that so much more is possible ?

You can find Questions here that allow you to see “things” different. Tools that allows you to change, what you like to change. With ease. You can find Blogs sharing ideas and different possibilities. You can find classes Online and Live if you like to dive deeper into any area of your life.

What change are you looking for ? What possibilities would you like to be surrounded by ?

I am an Access Consciousness® Facilitator
I am Facilitating Consciousness and inviting people to create  what they have always know was possible and yet made impossible.
I dream that everybody in the world will know that they always have choice. Everything is changeable. I encourage people to start choosing what works for them, what is fun and a contribution instead of following the norm and the rules.

Imagine a World of POSSIBILITIES. Would you like to live there ?


I met Access Consciousness® 8 years ago. I was already an anthropologist and a Coach working with change. Seeing the elegance and ease of the access tools was like the MORE I had been looking for

For me Access Consciousness is like honouring and trusting myself. I always knew I was, and that life was, ease and joy and that possibilities were everywhere. BUT I had totally forgotten. My family was everything but ease and joy. And i made myself so wrong for being that different.

Access is all about being YOU and being the gift that is to the whole world.

Imagine getting out of judgement of you ?
It is magic ! Are you ready for some magic ?


Change has been “calling” me since I was a kid…

I have always been different. As me, as a mom, as a student, as a coach and facilitator. I have judged myself for that. But there was a pride and a certainty in me that kept me on my way.

What is your strength and power that makes you different ?


I am a Life and Business Coach. And a TEEN Coach. For the last 11 years I have been working with the greatest Youth Program in Denmark, Camp True North. I totally love that ! And am so honoured by the change and different choices this young people are willing to make. I am facilitating possibilities in Schools and Boarding Schools. With Teens and teachers. I love facilitating Teens to be who they are and invite them to step up and shine.

What else is possible when we stop judging and start empowering ?


I am an Anthropologist

That is because I am crazy about differences.

I have studied Anthropology and African Studies in Denmark and in Sierra Leone, West Africa. I find it so amazing to play with changing cultures.  Cultures are like glue that sticks us together and make sure we dont change beyond what already is. They are made so solid but they are just man made rules and regulation.  For years I have studied and lived in Sierra Leone and also been part of the Peace Creation after the ending of the civil war. Together with the police, the teachers and politicians I created and facilitated a program for The Vision for the new Siera Leone.

For me this is such an incredible gift. The contribution we can be to each other. No matter our different cultures and history, when we choose to have no barrieres and ask without projektions, we can contribute to each other in magical ways and truly create something new and different.

What else is possible when we have no barrieres ? What contribution can we be to each other today and in the future ?


I AM IN LOVE. I love this planet. Love the beauty of the magnificent nature.  The diversity and variety. The mystery of the continuously never ending creation. In strange non logical ways. The pulse, the wisper the unknown. All the mystery and magic.

I want the world to be a more conscious place so all of this can continue. I will contribute to all of this with my choices !

What is your biggest dream ? Will you live that ?

How can I assist you ?

If you got inspired by any of this and want more: You can look at my event and see if some of my workshops and classes will contribute to you You can book a private session with me You can sign up for my News Letter and receive a free gift with tools to play with

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