Education for Creation Facilitator

Become a Creative Teen Facilitator ?

Would you love to educate and facilitate Teens to be Creative Leaders of their lives ?

This is a program for parents, teachers and everyone who are looking for something different with TEENs

TEENs as the Creative Leaders of their own LIFE and FUTURE

Would you like to be a CREATIVE TEEN Facilitator ?

  • Facilitating young people to step up as THEMSELVES, with their unique gift and contributions ?

  • Would you Love to help TEENs go beyond all their limitations and and let them explore infinite possibilities ?

  • Would you love to facilitate TEENs to experience that Choice is the greatest gift we have and that is is always there ?

  • Would you also love to have Ease and Joy doing it ?

Imagine Teens liking themselves and being grateful for who they are. Imagine them knowing that there is ALWAYS CHOICE - ALWAYS and that they are constantly surrounded by infinite possibilities

Would allow them to step up as leaders in their own life and as co- creators of a different future ?

If YOU had NO POINT of view of what a TEEN is and is not, what different choices would show up ?


What have you decided is so right about you that you can never go beyond it?

What have you decided is so wrong about you that you can never go beyond it?


Become a Creative TEEN FACILITATOR
The 8 Cornerstones:

    Between YOU and TEENs

    What does trust mean to you ? What will it take to have it ?

    What if trust is about YOU knowing that you can always create what works for you and those around you ? It is the willingness to be totally aware about everything around you and
    Meeting Teens with your barrieres down creates a space of NO resistance

    The 3 Keys to create trust:

    1. Having NO barrieres 2. Be Present and Aware 3. Asking questions that creates

    Getting TEENS out of judging themself and others is the greatest gift you can give them
    Stop judging you is the greatest gift you can give you
    If you KNEW that there was NOTHING wrong with you as a Teacher / Parent, what could change? If you knew that there was nothing wrong with the TEEN ? What could that change ?

    The 3 keys to create NO Judgement:

    1. No expectations and projections 2. No fixe points of view 3. Letting go of control

  • STOP following OTHERS !
    Choosing YOU ?

    Facilitating TEENs to recognize what is actually them and what is something that others want them to be ? TEENs try so hard to be “normal” and to be accepted by the others. What if we could show them a way to always know WHAT belongs to them and what does not. Would that give them more choices ? Could they choose what works for them ?

    The3 keys to BE YOU !

    1. Diminishing or creating ? 2. Letting go of distractions 3. Success and failure

  • BEYOND THOUGHTs, FEELINGS, AND EMOTIONS                                                                    We learn that thoughts, feelings and emotions are TRUE
    But what if that is not true. What if they are just creations and constructions. How wonderful is that. Then you dont need to be ruled by them
    Imagine that YOU could facilitate TEENs to the awareness of how they are the creators of their thoughts, feelings and emotions, how they can go beyond all that and have total freedom?

    The key to freedom

    Knowing, Being, Perceiving and Receiving

    No matter what you are coming from YOU can always chose what you want to create NOW and in the future If you believe in your story you can not create beyond it.
    That is a “NO CHOICE” situation.
    Imagine that we can engage TEENs in creating what they like, instead of recreating and repeating ?

    The key to a new life

    Acknowledging your potency Have the energy work with you

    These are all creations and not something that we can`t choose beyond.
    Often this is something TEENS chose to make themself small - to fit in - because they dont now how to be with the greatness they are ? Most people are more scared of success than failure.
    Asking questions for awareness allow the TEEN to go beyond and discover other possibilities and then choose something that works for the TEEN

The 3 keys to get peace and joy

1. The art of manipulation. 2. The willingness to be vulnerable 3. The willingness to clarity

  • TEACHING TEENS to CHOOCE again and again and again………..

    Choosing is our greatest gift
    Choosing is the way of always opening up for more possibilities
    Imagine TEENs knowing and trusting that every choice they make opens up for new and greater possibilities ? Imagine you having a box of TOOLs that can engage TEENs i choosing

    The 2 keys to creation

    1. Questions that opens up awareness 2. Willingness to have fun getting out of the comfort zone

    This is about showing TEENs that they are the ONES that KNOW what works for them and what THEY love in life. This is all about inspiring TEENs to create more of what THEY will have as their life
    STARTING right here and right NOW
    It can be in any area of their life, school, education, business, friendship, love, family, money, their Body....
    What does it take to know what you desire to live it ? to actualise it ?

    The 5 keys to create you life Now and in the Future

    1. Choose to be happy 2. Know what you truly desire. 2. Playing with energies 4. Live as a Question 5. Create generate and actualise

How much fun can it be to engage and inspire TEENs to be the greatness they truly be ? What else is possible ?

Curious ?

Questions ?

Eva Dalhoff