Bars and young people


Kids and Teens love bars because:

  • It helps them see themselves as they are with no judgements and
  • Then they can love themselves easily
  • They dont have to talk and explain anything
  • Bars works no matter where they are in their life and what story they bring with them
  • Bars is caring and joyful and it easy to receive and gift. Everyone can do it !
  • In a Bars class no one tells you what is right or wrong for YOU. YOU know !
  • No one will judge or expect anything, everyone including kids, are experts in their lives
  • Kids and TEENs learn it easily and are really great Bars practitioners 
  • They can gift to each other
  • hey can make a Businesses for themselves as Bars practitioners and Bars Facilitators. COOL?

Bars can help with a lot of important things in life:
Get to know you. Experience that you are totally OK. Let go of worries. Discover infinite possibilities. Ease with learning. Ease with Choosing what works for you. Create caring friendships. More fun and ease with tests and eksamens. Relaxing and sleeping.  Some ideas also get less or even disappear ?



Bars In Schools

Students helping students

This is a program teaching students The Access BARS so they can contribute to each other in everyday life at school and when it is time for tests and exams. One of the big challenges in school is the students willingness to give up and hide who they truly are to be accepted and avoid being left out. So few young one like them selves.

Students of all ages can learn Bars easily and they enjoy gifting and receiving Bars. Access Bars helps because it, in a gentle and none judgemental way, help the student letting go of the judgements they have about themselves. 
The program teaches the students to run the Bars and along with that also give them some very effective and ease to use tool for clearing limitations as Fixed points of views and beliefs, recognize what is their own ideas and what belong to others and to ask special question that empowers them to know that they know what works for them.

Eva Dalhoff