Education for Creation for TEENs


Empowering TEENs to create their lives

A different possibility - What will you create ?


A different possibility - what will you create ?

A program for TEENs filled with tools to change and create anything.
It is all about empowering TEENS to be who they truly are. Inviting them to discover their unik talents and abilities and use them to CREATE their lives. Inspiring and Inviting TEENS out of waiting and into creation NOW

Imagine Teenagers having the tools to create what they like in any area of their life, friends, love life, family, money, school and education, building Businesses, their body and their future !  What contribution could that be ?

EDUCATION for CREATION is a judgemental free program.

We meet TEENS with no judgement and no hidden agenda. In allowance of each of them. Encouraging and inviting them to BE THEM ! Not to be someone that others want them to be.

Empowering them to know who the are, what is true for them, what they love and what works for them.
Inviting them to trust themselves and what they know.

What would happen if we, the grown ups around the teenagers, would let go of our fixed expectations of what a TEEN is and is not and what they can and cannot ? What new possibilities could that create ? What choices could show up in a TEENs lives that hey have never considered before ? 


6 STEPS to be the Creator of your own LIFE

Being TEEN and Being YOU !

You must be aware of when you are YOU and when you are not. You must also STOP judging yourself and lie to yourself and start treating yourself with respect and care.


This is about your commitment to YOUR life. Acknowledging what makes you happy and the willingness to create more of that every day. This is not about goal setting ! It is about being alive and celebrating life


Creativity is about getting out of what you have made IMPOSSIBLE and into what is truly POSSIBLE. You have to see the possibilities in everything. You must recognise you as the creator of everything. Choice is your greats gift. Will you use it ?


If you always had choice and always were surrounded by possibilities what would be different ? When you choose your life every day, possibilities will show up. Imagine being a MASTER of Creating Possibilities !


Your Body is there for you and want to contribute to you. Every cell in your body has awareness that likes to tell you what it is aware of. Your body will be happy to listen to you and to help you. You have got to make your body your best friend.


Is what most people use as an excuse for not enjoying life. When you choose to be the creator of you life you also get to choose what kind of financial reality will you create for you ? NOW and in the Future ? 


HOW and WHERE?                                                                                                                         


We do create workshops for Schools, Boarding schools and other Youth Program all over the world


We are interested in creating EDUCATION for CREATION CAMPS

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Eva Dalhoff