Education for Creation


Creating new possibilities with TEENs

What Could Be Different?

IF we knew absolute nothing about what a TEEN is and is not, what they ought to be and should not do. What different possibilities could show up ?

For years I have seen TEENs waste life and time. It is like the TEEN TIME has become a long periode of waiting
Waiting to be old enough, good enough, know enough, finish school and education, get their own home, AND THEN they can start “being themselves” and planning their lifes and living.
Most TEENS sees themselves as controlled and not yet ready to create anything.
Parents, Teachers and Society has lots of fixed point of views about TEENS. They are expected to be difficult to be around, to create trouble, not to be trusted and really not capable of creating their own lives.
In Denmark they are said to be “under construction” . Not yet ready built !? So therefore they need to be controlled and guided by grown up`s.
That dos not work very well for either the TEENS nor the parents and teachers.

To me it seems as such a waste of wonderful energy and creativity ? What if it could be totally different ?

What if we could change this whole TEEN paradigme and create something different ? 


Eva Dalhoff