Engaging with LIFE Getting out of overwhelm


Engaging is constantly creating

When did you give up your magical creativity ?

Are you overwhelmed and just want to get away from it all ?

Do you know that engaging with everything around you is actually the antidote to overwhelm ?

Life seem so overwhelming to so many people and the solutions is said to be get away and avoid. What if something else was possible ? Something more fun

What does overwhelm actually mean to you ? Too much to do ? Too little time ? Somethings wrong with YOU ? Or something else ?

For me the first thing that comes to mind when experiencing overwhelm is “ OHHH here I go again…Not being precent and not creating from my priorities of what is important to me. OH OH I have lost ME.” What happen when you loose you is that YOU are not there to CHOOSE and choice is our greatest gift you It is the gift of creation. You choosing, your choices, is what creates your whole life. EVERYTHINGin your life.

So what you are left with is an autopilot. Being on autopilot mean NO creation just following others peoples reality. No going beyond what you already know. That what is overwhelming because you gave up all your amazing powers and creativity ! Now to get things done become JUST something that has to be done.. and to get you motivated you now need a TO DO LIST. Just writing that makes me feel like in prison. NO CHOICE JUST DO IT !

How many times have you ben struggling with a TO DO LIST ? How many people do you know thant have dome the same ?

An examble. I am in a group of people together playing with decluttering all our “stuff” and mess in our homes, including computers and also our thoughts and other limitations stuck in our beings and bodies. To create magical space. This can be created from a space of curiosity and joy, all the time being precent asking questions like what would letting go of this create for me ? or engaging with the “stuff” asking everything where it want to be. Engaging with you home, your stuff, our content on the computer asking questions will show you possibilities that you did not know existed Something new will be created. Everything will happen faster than you thought possible. It does not have a certain goal or outcome..just a way of living and creating more

If you on the other hand “loose you “ give up the engagement with everything, the ease and joy dissapaer and you are left with your thoughts and what you already know. You are on autopilot. Now the decluttering challenge gets bigger. You have to think about what is right and wrong to let go ofF ..you have no energy to follow only thinking and logic. So You will find yourself in you little All the capacities that are there to show you more and different are not available ..you can only create what ou have already created and decided should be the result This is hard work not fun not creative.. to et h´through you make your extremely limited space of creation :the TO DO LIST

Here are some steps you can take to get out of overwhelming and into creation

1 When ever you get that feeling of overwhelm say: HI overwhelm hi there. What is right about you being here that i am not getting ? What are you telling me ?

2 Get yourself present. You can feel you feet on the ground, put your hand on your stomach and breath in from your feet to the top of your head o you can ask What energy, space and consciousness can me and my body be to be totally present NOW

3 Ask yourself what is it that I would like to create now and in the future ?If everything was possible why would you lie to have more of ? For me it is more allowance of me as I am with no points of view No judgements of me and more joy than ever. Whatever you want get the energy of that.

4 ASK everyday to get more of that energy. What will it tale for that energy to exponencialise. What can i choose today to create more of that ?

Have fun being you !



Eva Dalhoff