Your Choice Makes The Difference


Choice Creates

What if choice is your greatest gift ?

The secret nobody told you
Will, will not, will, will not, will…..
What if choice is that "thing" that creates your life?

Have anybody ever told you that everything you have in your life is created by YOU?
Everything you have or do not have is a result of your choices?
Imagining for a moment that everything you have ,or do not have, actually is a result of your choices.  
How does that make you feel?
Does it fill you up with a sense of power and joy and curiosity?
Or do you feel kind of stupid, not good enough and like a looser?
Most of us, instead of getting exited about our power, goes into the judgement of  ourself, since what we have, seams far away from what we dream of. But STOP!
Have anybody ever told you that you are the creative source of your life? What have you learned about how to create the life you want?
What have you learned about choice? If you are like most people you have learned absolutely nothing. You have just picked up from life around you the best you could.

You might have picked up that choice is quite limited. To create a life you need an education, you most work hard to make money so you can pay your bills. You should also find your other half so that you can get whole, and then maybe, if you are lucky, happiness will come your way.        
Or something like that. You can choose among different educations and other "half´s".  It is like we learn that we can only choose within what is already there. Not much of a choice really?
What if choice was a lot more than that. What if you could choose who you will be and how you will feel and what you like your life to be like ?
What if your choices can go beyond anything that already is ?
And What if you could choose again and again and again all the time, like a never ending creation of more and more ? 
The secret that nobody told you about choice is that choice is a creative force. It is the way to create more all the time.
How much fun and freedom does that bring into your world?
Chiose is everything.
Last year I spend 3 month in Baltimore USA with my daughter and her 2 year old son. My daughter was diagnosed with cancer and send to special kemo and radiation treatments there. It was a challenging time for all of us. I saw my daughter getting weaker loosing appetite and having pain. Everyday just getting worse.
So to not only get through that, but to live a life full of joy I made some commitments. One of them was:
No matter what is happening I want  my grandson ( and me ) to know that there is always a choice.  ALWAYS. ! ALWAYS ! We are not victims, we are the choosing ones.
So we made some agreement him and me. Every morning we would start the day asking : What day will we create today ?  
Should we choose a curios day ? A happy day ? An adventures Day ? Fun ? Joy ? Play ? New day ? A day we have never had before ?  
Then we would go: OK Lets go out in the world and see what is there. What is waiting for us ? What can we enjoy and make happen ?

During the day we would ask .. Is the day Joyful ? Who can we be to have more Joy or make it more Joyful ? Where should we go ? Who can we play with ? Where is something we have not seen yet ? In the night we would celebrate what we had been creating. Lying in bed and saying: THANKs for the fountain, for the ice-cream, for the boats, for Nickolai, Saskia, for the laughter, for the flowers, the funny man……It was
never ending!
We did create some change and some miracles. Would you like some of that in your life ?
Here are some questions you can play with What can I choose today to open up for more possibilities in my life?
What choice can I make today that will give me more of me? What question can I ask that will show me more choices ?
What have I not been willing to choose, that if I did, would give me more of me?
Please have fun !



Eva Dalhoff