The Joy of Receiving


Fucking awesome, in touch, connected, alive.

These are just some of the feelings I've experienced in the last couple og days. Thanks to you ! .....
 I hope these flowers make your day even more amazing than I know my day will be tomorrow, the next day and the day after that.
- Mike


I have had the pleasure of doing a hour an hour session with you when I bought the book colors of now.

I just read your chapter in the book called transformations find your wings.

I just felt like giving you a hug, and thank you enormously for writing this chapter. In such conversational manner you have said such important and useful things that if I remember and follow as a parent would bring so much joy and so much ease to my life and the life of my kid too. He is not yet a teenager, but your chapter was a great great reminder and showed me how to BE, in order to be happy as a parent and stop buying into stuff happening in my kids life and with him.

You are such a gift to kids and parents. More and more power to you. May you write a whole book someday filled with anecdotes, tools and suggestions...I also heard your call on the Earth summit. Your time, your facilitation, and everything you share and be is so full of the energy of allowance.
- Vasuda

Eva is a true inspiration - full of energy and joy.

With the access tools and her exellent people's skills she is able to create great transformations in this world.

Do yourself a favour and spend an afternoon with Eva and I'll guarantee that you'll feel like you are able to conquer the world and achive more than you ever imagined.

- Mette


My 2 boys demand having their bars run before sleep.

My youngest have really been struggling with math. After the class he has NO problems anymore. He also tells me that is not bored at school no more.
My oldest boy, has ADHD, does sleep much better. I have no idea what happened, but it works.

I also gave Bars to a 12 girl who had anxiety attack and difficulty sleeping at night. The minute I touched her Implant bars, tears started to run and she began talking about how wrong she think she is.  During the session she discovered that she was perfect as she was and that the fear was not hers but her moms she had taken on, She left happy !
- Rikke


I used to worry so much about my 2 brothers and my parents that I could not sleep.

I did not have a life of my own. (The brothers were in fostercare and she feared that they would be taken away again).

After a Bars session I decided to be the most important person in my life and I decided to learn bars. Now I have my own life, I am more happy and I contribute to my brothers giving them Bars.
- Julie

I am so glad that our paths crossed.

I'm a big beleiver in things happening for a reason and me meeting you was meant to be im sure.
My experience of having my bars cleared was an amazing one, one that is hard to explain but i felt an enormouse feeling of happyness and a overwelming happyness that bought me to tears, tears of joy i might add. Something i havent felt in many years. My eyes have been open and i now see things in a new and fresh way with nothing holding me back. I feel i can do anything and i want to shout it from the roof tops.
Please continue to do this wonderful work and i wish you all the best in the world and i will see you again very soon.
Your new friend.

- Mandy